Kate Lopez, Executive Pastry Chef

Executive Pastry Chef Kate Lopez is a native Cincinnatian, but lived in Chicago for more than a decade.  She completed a Culinary Degree from the University of Akron and a Certificate of L’Art de la Pâtisserie from The French Pastry School of Chicago, Illinois. Kate began her career with the Sturkey’s and Encore Restaurants locally. In Chicago, Kate worked for Everest Restaurant, North Pond, The Metropolitan Club, the Chicago Racquet Club, and acted as part of the opening team for the city’s JW Mariott.

Kate credits her grandmother for helping her pursue a career in a field she loves—desserts. Her initial experiences with Pam Sturkey’s sweets during her first job in the field both inspired her and reaffirmed her choice.  Kate reminds us that food is a story of life. Smells and tastes evoke memories of people, of places, of things. Memories, happy and sad, shape us into the people we are today.